At Fred Shearer & Sons our expectation is that every day all of our team members go home at the end of the day incident and injury free. It is important that what we do at work only enhances our quality of life, it should never impact it in a negative way. Safety as one of our core values has developed a safety culture throughout our company that is key to exceptional performance. We are always looking to challenge ourselves to improve our program, in this spirit we are graduates of the Oregon OSHA's SHARP program and participated in the AGC's PRIDE program since 2010.  We were awarded the coveted AGC Rose Recognition of Safety Excellence Award in 2014, 2015, and again in 2016.  In 2013 Fred Shearer & Sons was awarded the CREST Award 'Contractors Recognizing Excellence in Safety Training' .



SHARP is a program of the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division (Oregon OSHA).   SHARP was developed to provide Oregon employers with coaching and direction so that they could learn to more effectively manage workplace safety and health.





The AGC Safety Program Recognition Indicating Dedication & Excellence (PRIDE) is a state-wide voluntary recognition program offered for contractor members of the Oregon-Columbia Chapter. Safety PRIDE recipients are members who demonstrate safety excellence in our industry.

                        ROSE AWARD



The Oregon-Columbia Chapter’s Recognition of Safety Excellence (ROSE) Award recognizes chapter leaders in safety excellence, provides an excellent way to document achievements in safety, and offers an opportunity to receive well-deserved recognition from peers in the industry.



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